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Dear Mother and Daddy,

Well, your big recital was over, and how did it go? Did you have a big crowd?  Was it a nice day?  I know that you must be relieved now.  Did all the kids come?  What time did you have it?  How long did it last?

It has been so nice and warm here yesterday, and is starting out that way today.  I hope that our warm weather has finally arrived to stay for a spell.  I was about to write and tell you that you had better bring your outting-flannel night gown and long drawers, ha, ha.  It snowed 4 inches over here at Snoqualmie Pass on Memorial Day, and felt as though it could have snowed here.  We stayed home all week-end.  Our car wasn’t running.  The battery was down from it sitting so long.  Then Tuesday Dale went to town in it and when he came back and turned into the drive-way he didn’t have any brakes.  He didn’t bother with it until Sunday, and then he started looking around to see what was the trouble and the brake line was broken, so he fixed that and the car is running again, at the moment, that is.

We had sort of planned to picnic in the yard over Memorial Day week-end.  Dale made a fireplace out in the back with some old bricks.  It looks real rustic but it works fine.  He didn’t cement the bricks though, just piled them up, and put a piece of steel on the top to cook on.  Works real well.  We used it Saturday, and had a good time, but it started to rain in the middle of the hot dogs, so we had to move into the house.  Bruce and Loretta came up Sunday night and played cards.  Bruce came  up alone, as usual, and left Loretta sitting home as he said that he didn’t want to bother putting the bassinet into the car, so I took his car and went up and got Loretta.  I get so disgusted with him sometimes.  Did you have company come over the week-end?  Any more tornadoes?  I imagine it does make you nervous to know one is coming, but if you know what to expect, you won’t be venturing out somewhere and get caught on the road.

What color car did Norman get? Is Arletta planning on getting a wedding invitation from Sid’s brother Bob last week.  He is getting married on Friday this week.

I am sending something, I hope that you and Daddy will like it.

No, I am not losing weight too fast.  I always lose for about a month after I have a baby, but I usually only lose about 20 lbs. I got on the scale this morning and I have gained 2 lbs. so I guess that I will have to start watching what I eat again.  I made a lemon pie and a chocolate cake over the week-end, hence the 2 lbs. I guess.

Saturday when I went to town I bought a dozen announcements, so I will send them if I ever get them written.  Karen is getting prettier every day.  She doesn’t like to lay down and pulls herself right up to a sitting position when you hold her on your lap.  She also holds her head up so well.   She seems so much older than she is.  She will be like Elyce was, I guess, not a baby at all.

What is Marybelle going to do with her mother’s  house?  I would much rather have Marybelle’s house if I were to have a choice.  She and Buddy must kind of rattle around in that big house.  I plan on sending Doris an announcement, although, I am sure that Hazel has already told her.

I don’t know where that other pole could be.  I don’t hardly think that it was left over there though.  They loaded it onto the trailer or the car as soon as we took it down.

No, I don’t think that I will have to take her to camp every day.  I wrote on her application that she would need transportation, but so far I haven’t heard from anyone about it. She will be so disappointed if she can’t go.

That is some house that Godfrey has, isn’t it? I am not so crazy about him any more since he fired all of my friends.  The little book you said you were sending didn’t arrive.  I will be glad when I can get there again.  We are supposed to finally get a new minister the first Sunday in July.

The girls are fine.  Cindy is just about 2 inches taller than Diane now.  She is just shooting up so fast.  Diane doesn’t seem to grow at all, except her feet. Cindy’s feet have almost caught up to hers though.  Cindy wears a 1, now, and Diane wears a 2.  We had to get Cindy new shoes last week.  Bought her saddle oxfords too.  They are supposed to wear longer, I hope.

We are counting the days too, until you come. Sure will be nice to see you again.

The lady who lives down the hill in back is up here almost every day.  Boy is she a talker.  All you have to do is sit and shake your head once in a while.

Our roses are starting to bloom, and the rockery is so pretty.  I pulled weeds out of it Sunday.

Well, I must close now, and get Karen bathed and dinner fixed.  Dale worked last Saturday.  I hope that he can get some overtime in for a change.  Let me know when the envelope I am sending arrives.

Lots of love,



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A Lileksian Trove

By happy coincidence, my mother, while researching our family, came across a post written at a genealogy website from someone looking for the family of Lillian Bradley. It turns out that this gentleman’s family bought Grandma Bradley’s house after Grandpa Bradley died, and she moved into a house two doors down. The house seems to have originally belonged to the Day family, from the mid- 1800s. Apparently, there were many artifacts left behind, ranging from Civil War antiques (donated to the Ypsilanti Museum) to Grandma Bradley’s grand piano (which was too big to fit out the door – apparently there had been some renovations since it was first moved in; it may still be there for all I know), to old postcards, such as the following:



to Mrs. H. T. Day, —- Miles St., Ypsilanti, Mich.

“Dear Aunt Ida, I have been unusaly busy this Easter but will write you soon now. I have been getting home about 9:30 or 10 every eve. Love to all


tell Aunt C.S. to write me.”

(I’ve obscured the address, as the house is still there and belongs to someone else now; it is not my intention to invade the privacy of anyone still living.)

It turns out that this kind person lives fairly close to where my mother lives, of all places.

It is truly amazing these days what you can find if only you start looking!

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Dear Mother and Daddy,

Your nice letter with the money and Express slip came yesterday, and we were so glad to hear from you.  I wanted you to keep the rest of that money for the phone call.  Dale says that he doesn’t know how long he talked, so I don’t know how much it will be.  I thought that it would cost more to send the swing and the slide.  We only have one pole for it out here, but Dale says maybe we can get another.  I don’t know what could have happened to the other one.

I must have forgotten to tell you how much Karen weighed.  She weighed 9 lbs. 5 oz.  She is a little fatty.  Her arms are so big and her hands are all dimpled.  She isn’t as red as she was, except when she gets angry.

Bet your dresses are pretty.  You didn’t say what colors they were, nor which one you will wear for the recital.  I didn’t realize that the recital was so close.  Robert Hall didn’t have anything this time, eh?

Do you think that you would like to fly out here?  That would be some trip.  Would you have to change planes anywhere, or could you get one straight through?  Sure hope you can come.

Diane and Cindy will be out of school on June 10.  That is Dales birthday.  Diane is going to day camp at Salt Water Park for 2 weeks starting June 27.  She is very excited about it.  I have to get her some play clothes to wear, or make some.  It will probably be too cold for the sun-suits that she has.  The tops are so bare.

We have been having nice weather ever since I got home from the hospital.  It hasn’t been too warm, but it has been sunny, and we have been letting the fire go out in the afternoon.  I am feeling real good.  Karen is such a good baby.  I think that her eyes are going to be brown.  I have lost 26 lbs.  in less than 2 weeks, I think that is pretty good.  If I can only keep losing now I will be happy.  I have been doing my exercises every night.

According to the radio, you had some bad storm last night (Tuesday).  Is it any cooler now?  We don’t have thunder storms out here.  They do up in the mountains, but very seldom do you ever here thunder or see lightning around here.

Loretta is fine.  Karen is as big as her baby in fact she looks fatter, and her baby will be a month old next week.  She says the kids didn’t wear her out, but I’ll bet they did.  I know they were certainly worn out.  Mark is just now beginning to look like himself again.  I guess that she let them stay up until all hours.

Our income tax came back yesterday also, so I guess I will giver her 5 dollars and buy her a nice diaper bag for her baby.  That doesn’t seem like much, but it’s the best I can do.

We had a letter from Dales folks today.  They received the letter I sent when I was in the hospital.  She said that Skip is sailing June 1, for England and Portugal and won’t be home again until August.  She said that she didn’t know if they were coming out or not.  Mose wants to go to Norfolk in August to visit Skip, and she wants him to get a house, but she says that she can’t get him started to even look at them.  She says that they have been living with Jerry now for 3 years.  It doesn’t seem that long, does it?  Guess it is though.  We will be out here 2 years in September.  The time certainly does fly.

Well, I guess that I will close for this time.  Karen will soon want to eat.  Seems as though someone is always eating around here.  I should wash clothes too.  I have to wash every day.  I don’t think that I will ever catch my ironing up again.  I ironed fo0r an hour last night, but didn’t even put a dent in it.

Hope that daddy’s foot is feeling better.  Tell him thanks a lot, and tell Norman too, for bothering with the swing and slide.  I certainly appreciate it, and so will the children.

Lots of love


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Dear Mother and Daddy,

Just a few lines to let you know I am fine and so is the baby.  We are going home tomorrow (Tuesday). We have named her Karen Lynne.  She isn’t nearly as red as she was.  The nursery nurse says she has the loudest voice in the nursery.

Dale said that you had the swing and slide all ready to send.  As soon as our income tax comes back I will send the $10 back so that you can send it.  Also take the phone call money out of that money that you have.  Let me know how much the call was will you? I have often wondered what it would cost to call.  Were you upset when they said Kent was calling? I was glad you were home.  Dale says well they kept saying good-bye and I kept talking ha! ha!

He is supposed to be washing clothes this morning.  I hope he does. Did he tell you that Mark started walking all over alone Saturday. The little rascal.  Dale said Diane got mad at him Saturday (at Dale) and says “I sure will be glad when Dutsie* gets home.” I guess she misses our little “rounds.” My only problem now will be how to keep Diane and Cindy from dropping Karen on her head as they did Mark.

How is everyone? Did you get the auditorium for sure yet? What did Daddy and Winifred say? I can almost hear them now.  Winnie probably said “Huh, What’ she trying to be, the mother of our country?”, and daddy probably says “What’s the matter with them kids, are they crazy?” ha! ha!

Mary Ann and George are coming up to see me tonight Dale said.  I guess he is going to work today.  He just sort of dumped the kids on Loretta I am afraid, and he has been there for practically every meal too I guess.  I hope they aren’t too much for her.

Well, I can’t think of anything to write about.  It is cold and dreary out again today.  Saturday was beautiful and so warm my head even perspired.  I guess we will have to buy some fuel oil again as it might be too cold for the baby at night.

Lots of love,


*”Dutsie” was what my grandmother’s kids called her. It was their way of saying “Tootsie,” Dale’s nickname for her. They’ve always called him Dale, too. – Julie


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Dear Mother and Daddy,

Just a few lines to let you know the baby and I are fine. She was born April 13*. She is quite fat and red like Elyce was. She also has coal black hair. She is going to be a cutie.

I am in the same room that I was in when Mark was born. They certainly give you good care, and wonderful food.

Dale hasn’t seen the baby yet. He was home last night when she was born but kept calling about every hour. He wanted to stay here but I made him go home after he left me off here as Diane and Cindy would have soon been home from school, and you know how slow I am during labor.

This morning I was so surprised when they woke me up at 5 this morning and told me I had a baby as I don’t even remember going to the delivery room. I am feeling wonderful but am very bored, as the Dr. hasn’t been in yet today and the nurses won’t let me out of bed until he says so.

Hope you won’t be mad that I didn’t tell you folks I was expecting but I didn’t want you to worry about me, and I know you would with our car not running most of the time, and then the baby was due the 16th of April and didn’t appear. Tuesday I had to come to the hospital to have x-rays taken to see if I had twins or what the hold-up was. Thursday I had to go to the Drs. for the x-ray report. It was a relief to know the baby was all right and in the right position. The Dr. says if I wanted to go to the hospital yesterday and I said yes, so he gave me shots to induce labor then sent me over to the hospital. I had 3 shots at his office and 4 more at the hospital. At 6 p.m. he called to see how I was doing and I wasn’t doing much so he said to discontinue the shots until 7 this morning. So when they woke me up this morning I was certain it was to start the shots again. Was I surprised.

Dale went to work this afternoon and left the kids with Loretta. I hope they won’t be too much for her. They are so tickled about the baby.

I am going to ask if I can go home Sunday. If not I will have to wait until Tuesday. The Drs. seem to insist on staying 5 days out here whether you need it or not.

I will still have to take the iron and thyroid pills for a while, but I feel real fine.

Will you call Dale’s mother in case I don’t get around to writing her this week? Also call Lottie, and tell her please.

Dale is supposed to bring my writing paper tomorrow but he might forget. I will write you again when I get home.

If Dales mother should ask you what I would like for the baby tell her some of those little (? – word unreadable) dresses. I only have one that I made myself last week. I couldn’t find any to buy anywhere. All the stores seem to have these days are those fancy nylon dresses that cost 2.98 and that is too much.

Lots of love,

P.S. Dale was here about 1 p.m. this afternoon but they didn’t show the babies until 3:30 so he won’t see her until tomorrow. He had to come early so he could get to work on time.

*Karen was born May 13th. Grandma wrote the month wrong, which initially had me rather confused – Julie.

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Dear Mother and daddy,

Here it is a beautiful Thursday morning, although it is a bit chilly. It has been raining here for 2 days, and the sun looks good for a change. Everything is so green and nice.

Diane and Cindy have gone to school, and Mark and Elyce are champing at the bit wanting to get up. I decided that I would let them stay in bed until I finished the letter though.

Your letter came yesterday. We were sorry to hear about Reynolds. When you look around and see all the people who are dying so suddenly who were thought to be in good health, it makes me think how lucky we were that daddy was spared when he was sick for so long.

Nibdat (translation): Monday, I had a birthday package from Dale’s mother. She sent me a pretty hanky and a lovely silk scarf that Skip got for me in Genoa Italy. It has pictures of Gibralter, and other Mediterranean Islands on it. Did you get your Mother’s day card? Did you have a nice day? I sat here and drooled over the dinner you had. You always seem to have so much good things to eat.

Remind daddy that one of the legs of the swing is here already. It was on the trailer. I haven’t told the kids that they will be getting their swing and slide. They have been teasing every day to go to the park, but I won’t let them, as it is supposed to be private, and I haven’t felt like bothering with the car to go over to Salt Water Park. Dale took me and the kids for a ride over there Sunday, but it was so crowded that we didn’t stop. Instead, we rode on down to Redondo Beach and parked along the Sea-wall and watched the boats. It had started to get cloudy and windy while we sat there, and one guy in an outboard motor boat couldn’t get it started, so he would work so hard rowing way out in the Sound, and then in a couple minutes before he could start the motor, the wind had blown him up on the beach again. He finally gave up, and just used the ores to get where he wanted to go. Do you ever see anything of Daddy’s boat, or hear how it is working? I wonder if they had to paint it before they could use it? I wonder how long it took the seams to soak together?

Loretta named her baby Helen Jo, after one of her sisters. She is a cute little thing. Bruce was down for a few minutes yesterday, but didn’t have them with him. I guess he leaves her home just as much now as ever. I took her and the baby down to Kent last Friday when I went to get the Mother’s Day cards. The baby likes to ride. It was the first time my kids had seen the baby. I wouldn’t let them go near her when they had those colds.

They still haven’t had their shots. They are being postponed now until the vaccine that was sent out is tested. It came from Park-Davis in Detroit. Their school will be out the 10th of June. That is Dales birthday.

The people moved in Monday. I never see the woman. The man and boy are gone all day. The kids already have their orders about going down there under any circumstances.

Yes, Dale is using that paint on the fence. He is also going to use it on the trim. We hope to paint the whole house, if we can before the summer is over. I guess that it has been years since this house was painted. It doesn’t look bad though, because it is a shake.

Oh, I almost forgot, Mark had his first hair cut Saturday. Dale took him. I don’t believe that he will have many though. It cost a dollar and a quarter. Isn’t that terrible. Dale was so proud of him. He said that Mark just sat there in the barbers chair not cracking a smile, but didn’t cry either. What ever way the barber put his head that is the way Mark kept it. He has sort of a brush cut. He looks like a tough little butch from the neck up, but he still doesn’t walk. He is learning to talk real fast though, so I guess he won’t be slow in everything. I know he can walk, so I don’t worry about him. He walks by himself the full length of the davenport all the time, or he will walk between 2 two people, but just to get up and walk across the room, he won’t do it.

Dale had to drive himself to work yesterday, and the radiator in the car sprung a leak. It will have to be soldered I guess. It is up at Bruce’s now. Bruce brought Dale home.

Well, I guess that I had better close for this time. mark is beginning to get angry, and I must get Dale up. I sure hate this shift. He is so hard to get up. How are daddy and Velma feeling? How are you feeling? Take it easy and don’t get upset about your recital. It is always a success. Take 10 dollars of that money and get the piano from Grinell’s. After all, half of the good enjoyment of listening to the kids is the soud of a good piano.

Lots of love,


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Dear Mother and Daddy;

It is a beautiful Spring day here, and I must have the fever. I don’t feel very ambitious. I have been cleaning out drawers and things. Mark and the rest of the kids are outside. He likes to be out, but I have to watch that he doesn’t fall out of the teeter-babe. Diane and Cindy are home on Spring vacation this week.

Are you getting anything new for Easter? We aren’t. The kids need new shoes again, but I don’t know if they will even get them. It would be nice if they could need them one at a time instead of 2 at a time.

I sent a birthday card to Jerry and a congratulatory card to Janet and Duane.

I hear that you are having real winter weather again. That Look magazine certainly was right last December when it gave the predictions of things to come in 1955. It said that the West and Middle-west was in for the longest coldest winter in a real long time. I am going to see if I can locate it and see what it says for the rest of the year.


Well, I missed the mail man so I decided that I would wait and finish it this morning. I missed him again today though. Dale is sick in bed with the flu, I guess. I got rid of his fever, but he says that his chest hurts.

It was such a beautiful day here. It must be about 67 degrees or so. The kids are out without coats for the first time. They just have their sweaters on. It was so nice that the daffodils opened up today. They look so pretty. There are a few little blue flowers out there that look like hyacinths, I don’t know what they are, and the camillia’s will be out in another day or so. Diane has been busy all day working on a garden she says. I told her that I would try and get her some seeds Saturday. I hope that I can. I will have to buy some slug bate too. This afternoon I washed clothes and they dried in about an hour and a half. It certainly seems good not to have wet clothes in the house all the time.

We have to paint our fence too. Have to get some paint first though. You know those flowers that we used to call May flowers that grew in the woods and you brought some into the yard? They are called Trilliums I guess. The woods here is full of them in bloom now.

Your nice letter came this afternoon. Thank you so much for the money for Mark. I will get him a sweater with it. He needs one badly. I don’t know what size he will take either. Boys sizes seem to run smaller than girls. Dale’s Mother sent him size 3 overalls for his birthday, and I had to turn them up. They aren’t turned up any longer though. Of course, they probably shrank a little. I told you how they faded, over Dale’s gray work pants, didn’t I? Well, his pants never lost that color, and so Dale called them his “Passionate Pink” pants. Well, Saturday I washed them and hung them on the line. They didn’t dry though, so I left them out all night. Sunday they were gone. Someone evidently stole them off the line. We have looked all over the vacant lots and the woods where the dogs usually drag things. I told Dale to be on the look-out for them. He wouldn’t have any trouble identifying them as no one else could lay claim to pants just that color. It is too bad though. They were the only good work pants he had.

You said the Dorothey doesn’t expect her baby until May. She certainly got big in a hurry, didn’t she? She was wearing those duster things when we were home. How is Velma feeling? I must write to her.

I guess I won’t be able to get to town to get an Easter card for you and Daddy, so Happy Easter anyway. I hope that you have a nice day. Do you think that you will go anywhere? That is too bad Steve has Arthritis in his back. That must be very painful. Is he still at Ford’s? What is Mrs. Kruse doing for a living, just his gravel pit?

Yes, I would like to have some covers for my chairs, if you have time, but I know that you must be busy getting ready for your recital, so take your time. Where are you going to have your recital? Probably on a Sunday you will have a bigger crowd than ever. I would like to be there. I thought that Winnie sold her bike a long time ago. Does Chris ride it?

We were over to Bruce and Loretta’s for a ham dinner last Sunday. So was Mary Ann and her kids. They are corkers, even the one Mark’s age. George came over about 10:30 when he got out of work. We played cards and then about midnight we roasted hot dogs over the fireplace and had coffee and oatmeal cookies.

It gets real cold here at night. Almost every night this week it has gone down to 30 or 31 at night, and then up to 60 or more in the daytime. I have to open the doors to get the house warm during the day.

Well, I guess that I will close for this time, and get supper on the table. Mark is getting fussy. The chairs are 19″ across the front, and 13 1/2 across the back. Thanks a lot. The box hasn’t come yet.

Lots of love,

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