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My Dearest Daddy,

How are you tonight?  Everyone here is fine and this has been another nice day, but it was kinda cloudy.  Tomorrow its supposed to be cool about 52 and rainy.

Patricia’s neighbor by the lake came up this afternoon and brought me a big plate of fudge.  Was it good.  I’m sure going to need to diet when I get home.  We had to go to Kent and get bread so she went with us, then Patricia asked her and her husband to have supper with us.  After supper Dale and Mr. Nielson went down and fished but didn’t catch anything.  There was another man fishing near there and in an hour he caught 15.  He was fishing from the shore.

Patricia and I are going to Seattle tomorrow, while Dale is home with the children.  We are going to Church Sunday.

Diane says to-day, “Grand-ma you are such a help us kids don’t have hardly anything to do.”  I said “while I’m here you can have a vacation.” I’ve been helping them with dishes and they think that’s great. Mark sure is cute.  We took some pictures at the park last night, I hope they turn out good.

Well honey guess I better go to bed. I’ve been going quite early for me. How are you feeling honey?  I’ll soon be starting for home, the time is going so fast.  When I say anything about the time getting short Patricia says, “Oh Mother don’t talk about it.”

Did you have to get a tube fr the TV? You didn’t say.

Be careful honey.  Don’t try to do too much.

Nite Nite for this time. Lots and lots of love Daddy.

Always Your



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My Dearest Daddy,

Your nice letter came this morning and I was so glad to hear from you.

Honey I paid the Tel. Bill, but they have changed the date of bolling there and we get them earlier in the mo. So don’t worry about it, I will pay it when I get home.  I always pay it when your check comes.

We went to Saltwater State Park and had our dinner to-night.  Took the camp stove, we had it cooked and just had to warm it.  We had Spaghetti and baked ham, coffee, jello salad and cookies.  After we ate we walked a ways on the beach.  The tide was in so water was splashing way up on the rocks.  Across the Sound we could see Tacoma.

Tomorrow Patricia’s friend Loretta is coming over.

We haven’t had any Sweet Corn. It doesn’t seem to be good, it’s too old.  Patricia says they don’t raise it here, it’s all shipped in.

Dale recovered their davenport and it looks like new.  The covers I made for her dining room chairs look nice.  Her furniture is just like it was when she left Mich.

Well honey, guess I’ll close and get ready for bed.  They sure don’t have much on he radio out her outside of Music and News.

Write again soon honey.  Go to bed and get your rest.  Nite, Nite Sweet heart.  God Bless you.

Always Your


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My Dearest daddy,

How are you this morning?  Do you sleep good at night?  And do you go to bed before morning? This is another beautiful morning here, the sun is so bright and they said it would be 80 today.

Patricia is working and Diane is helping her and Cindy is struggling with Mark, dressing him.  I dressed Elyce.

I had to go and get some stamps when dale came home last night.  He rides with a man.  I don’t know any news to-day.  We stayed home yesterday.  Patricia made cookies and we did some mending.

I wrote to Velma yesterday. What did you do Sun.?

Patricia’s roses are starting to bloom again.  They are beautiful and so big.  Red ones and oink ones.

Honey this is a kinda short one, maybe I can tell you something more interesting next time.  We went for a little drive last night and it really looks like a picture.  It wasn’t quite dark when we started and Mt. Rainier looked like flood lights were shining on it, the sun was still striking it but down in the valley the lights were on.

I better close so I won’t miss the mail man.  Write soon and let me know how things are.  Do we have any ripe tomatoes? They are high out here .29 per lb.

Be careful honey and take care of yourself and don’t try to do too much.  Did Winni come out Mon. and wash?

God Bless you my dear and lots and lots of love.

Always your


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My Dearest Daddy,

We all received the nice letters and was so glad to hear from you.  Here it is Aug. 17 all ready.  I’ll be home before you know it.

I didn’t write last night.  After supper Dale was going to fish down at the lake.  He didn’t stay long and came up and said  let’s go over to the Sound.  So we all got in the car and went, but every place he thought he could fish there were signs, “Private property”, so we went over to Mary Ann’s.  They have a TV so we watched the ball game for a while.  Freddie Hutchinson manages the Seattle team.

Elyce says tell Grandpa “hello”.

It sure is nice and cool out here.  The sun shines through the middle of the day, but if you are not right out in the sun you need a sweater.  At night I sleep with 2 blankets over me.

Elyce says Grandmother are you going home?  I told her “yes” pretty soon.  She says “Oh No” Grandmother your going to stay out here.

I have sent Velma a couple cards but I will write her a letter tonight.

It’s almost time for the mail man so I better close.  I’ll write to-night.  I haven’t been down to the lake yet.  There are so many steps down, about 70 and there not too good.  It looks pretty down there from Patricia’s yard.

Honey take care of your self .  I see you sure are having good food.  Are you taking your medicine OK too?

Lots of love Daddy and be careful.  Don’t work too hard with that wood.

Always Your


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My Dearest Daddy,

Well this has been another nice day. It was kinda cloudy and cold until noon, then the sun came out and it was nice and warm. We have a fire every morning. Patricia washes(?) and for dinner to-night she had baked salmon and was it good. Then she made apple pie.

Honey don’t bother with that wood if it’s still hot. That’s too hard.

I thought I told you about Mark and Karen. She sleeps most of the time and Mark is so cute and chubby. He doesn’t talk much but he is all boy.

I received your nice long letter to-day and sure was glad to hear from you and glad you are getting along all right. Diane wrote you a letter to-day and Elyce got it and tore it up. She is a busy one. I was combing my hair and Elyce was watching when I took it down she said “Grandmother, what is that thing?”

Dale went to the barber shop Sat. and took Mark. He sits just as still and holds his head just like the barber puts it.

Honey why did Mrs. Coleman have to show you how to boil eggs soft, as many times as I showed you and told you?

Patricia’s friends who went to Kentucky and Detroit, got back Fri. night. I haven’t seen them yet.

Well honey I don’t know any exciting news tonight. Everyone is fine. Write again soon. Be careful honey, and take care of yourself. Don’t try to work on that wood if its hot.

Nite, Nite honey. Sweet Dreams and God Bless you. Lots and lots of love.

Always Your


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My Dearest Daddy,

Well I have been out here a week.  Seems longer.  Are you making out all right?  What did you do to-day?  We went up to Mt. rainier.  Left here about ten and got up there a little after one.  Over 6800 ft. up.  It was a beautiful drive and when you get up to the picnic grounds it’s really something.  It was a beautiful sunny day and up there  was big patches of snow.  The children had fun sliding in it and making snow balls.  The sun was hot and not much shade.  Mary Ann and George went to.  They took their camp stove and Patricia took theirs.  We fried the fish and had potatoe salad, coffee and melons.  The roads were good but winding up the sides of the Mts.  and over the sides you couldn’t see the bottom.  We got back about 8.

Tomorrow Dale goes on days again.

Has Ethel and Delie been out?  and does Winnie stop by at night?  I haven’t had a letter since last Wed.  Are you all right?  How are our tomatoes are they getting ripe?  I hope they won’t be all gone when I get home.  I would like to can some.

I am kinda tired tonight that was sort of nerve racking, riding up the Mt. to-day.  I sort of rode my brakes. ha! ha!

Write soon honey and let me know how things are and how you are getting along.  Be careful Sweetheart and take care of yourself and if you want me to come home sooner I will.  Nite, Nite, honey.  Sweet Dreams and God Bless you.  Always your


PS – The trip from Patricia’s to Mt. Rainier was about 70 or 80 miles.

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Summer Photos

This collection of photos is, for the most part, from the summers of 1954 and 55. The pictures from 1954 didn’t get printed until 1955, hence the date stamp on many of them.



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