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My Dearest Daddy,

I received two letters to-day and was so glad to hear from you.  I’m glad everyone received their letters.  I didn’t forget Norman, beside the letter I sent him a folder.  And I don’t know why Mrs. C. thought she should have a letter.

I didn’t write Thurs. night, we had company for dinner and yesterday we went to town as soon as Dale got home.  Patricia had to get her groceries, she went to Kent then over to Renton to get some salmon.  She got a whole one it weighed about 6 lbs.  She bakes it and makes a barbecue sauce for it and was it good.  If Dale doesn’t have to work tomorrow (Sun.) they and their friends are planning to go on a picnic.  Elyce says we are going on a “picky.”

This is another nice day, but does it ever get cold at night.  Dale had a fire when we got home.

Will Norman be gone when I get home?

Honey don’t try to do a lot in the house.  I’ll get every thing taken care of when I get home.  It can’t be too bad any way.

Velma sure has been nice.  I’ll have dinner for them when I get home.

We haven’t heard or seen anything of Hazel yet.  I think they would have a time finding this place.

I’ll have a lot of pictures to bring home that we have taken.  We’ve got 2 more huge roses to cut to-day.  Pink ones.

Patricia is washing the girls hair this afternoon.  This morning she washed clothes and before I got up she made a cake and cookies.

Honey would you think me funny if I didn’t leave until Sun.  The bus leaves at 10 PM and I will get in Ypsi Wed. night about 8:30 or 9.  You can call the station and see what time the bus gets in.

Well honey I’ll close for this time.  I’ll write tomorrow.  I wish you could see the  meat market here.  There are 4 clerks and last night the place was filled up and those clerks were almost running.  They have the best sausage and hamburg sausage – 3 lbs. for a dollar and 4 lbs of hamburg for $1.00.  I wish you could see Mark. Is he cute, he runs all over and always has a stone in his hand.  Patricia found one in his bed to-day.

Patricia is going for bread so I’ll go along and mail this.  Take care of yourself honey.  I’ll soon be home grabbing and snatching again.  Lots and lots of love Daddy.

Always Your



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Sorry for the lack of posts – I’m easily distracted. More to follow.

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