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Two weekends ago, I finally made it back to Spokane to visit my family. While there, we met with Rory Vinson and his wife, Victoria. Rory grew up in the house that once belonged to my great grandmother, and had previously sent photos of some of the items he had found in the house while growing up.

103_0352The house on Miles St.

During the visit, Rory brought quite a few items from the house, including a collection of old postcards, a couple of textbooks, an 1856 penny, a pocket Farmer’s Almanac, and a little coal oil lamp once used to light someone’s way to bed at night. Below is a gallery of a few of those items. Click any picture for a larger view.



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Dear Lillian & Ben,

Have been wanting to write before now but I have been pretty busy working. I guess it has turned quite cool up there by now. We have had a good bit of rain since I got back and the nights are chilly but the days real warm. I don’t see much of Shirley and family since Shirley’s husband wrecked their new car and I really miss the children. George is about the same don’t feel too good at times but works all the time. Guess you have been busy since school started giving music lessons.

I was telling Shirley about Patricia and her children and she was surprised when I told her Pat had 5 youngsters to take care of. Don’t suppose Steve and Pearl have been over lately? I called George’s brother a couple weeks ago to see how they were doing because I haven’t been able to get George to visit them. Had my mother to send 2 of the cutest toy cars for Shirley’s children for Christmas thought I’d start early. Well I guess Ben has been taking it easy now since the weather is cooler there isn’t so much work to be done outside. When you write Patricia again tell her to send me a picture of the 5 children together if she has one so I can show it to Shirley. Sure enjoyed my visit with you folks and will try and see you the next trip up there. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to write and let us know how you are getting along.

Your Friend


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Dear Mother and Daddy;

Guess you must think that I fell into a hole somewhere, eh? Well, I didn’t. Just didn’t get around to writing.

Our winter has started I guess. It has rained here for a week. The sun was out for a while this morning, so I washed and had them on the line by 8:30. They probably won’t dry though, as it is so damp out. Loretta brought Helen up yesterday and this morning. She has been looking for a job. So has Mary, but Loretta was supposed to go into Boeings this morning for an interview. Mary doesn’t have any prospects yet. She could have gotten a job at Pacific Bell Telephone in Seattle if she lived in Seattle. They wouldn’t hire Loretta there because she was underweight.

Hunting season opens Sunday, and I certainly will be glad when it is over. You know it lasts for a week month out here. We can’t afford it. Dale had several guys lined up to go, but they have all backed out, even George, because they can’t afford it, and most of them make more money than Dale.

Margie came back home Monday. She has been staying with her sister-in-law who had 2 operations. By the way, that place down the hill has been sold. Some fellow that works with Dale who had 3 children and one on the way. The full price was $3,000.00. They bought it for $140 down, and 40 dollars a month. He is coming out this week-end to start digging the lines for his septic tank. I don’t know when Harold and Margie have to move. They haven’t been looking for a place I know. They are living down there rent free you know.

How are you and daddy? How is the weather back there? I suppose that daddy is busy raking the leaves. The month you were here certainly did fly by. What have you been doing? Has Norman left yet?

A week ago Sunday we had a picnic at Saltwater Park. Mary and Loretta, and Mary Ann and George and the kids. We about froze. We were way down there out of the sun where we were when you were here.

Mary and Loretta and I have been going to Church every Sunday. Mary didn’t go last Sunday, but Loretta did. We are going to the guild meeting this Thursday evening. Last Thursday Mrs. Salter asked me to attend the P.T.A. with her, so I did. Loretta’s mother Norma was a hostess. She is also a room mother. I saw her there. By the way, her husband has been transferred to Portland, and they have their house up for sale. Isn’t that a shame. They just got it finished.

Did I tell you that the week-end before this Bruce bought a big RCA 21″ combination TV, radio and phonograph?

It snowed last night in Chinook pass, and they said this morning that chains were required now to cross it. That is the pass that we turned off of just before we got to the pay station at Rainier National Park.

Did the World Series turn out as daddy wanted it to? They said on the radio that they are still celebrating in Brooklyn today. Did daddy watch it?

Well, I guess I will close for this time. The children are fine. Karen is growing every day. Did I tell you that I got the kids jackets? Elyce’s is orange, Diane’s red, and Cynthia’s turquoise. They are pretty.

Lots of love,


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Dear Mother and Daddy;

Well, here it is the last day of summer and already it feels as though fall had arrived. It has been cold here all week. At night it goes down into the middle 30’s. It is about 9:30 and the kids are fast asleep. Diane and Cindy both are hoping to join the Bluebirds on Monday. They are the junior Campfire girls. Elyce doesn’t know what to do with herself all day. She sticks pretty close to the house, and as soon as the bus goes by and the girls are home you never heard so much noise and confusion, and arguing as she does with them. She can’t get along with them nor without them.

Karen is getting cuter every day. She is getting real fat, at least a lot fatter than she was. Even her legs are getting fat. She stays awake a lot now and sits up real well in the teeter-babe. Mark is such a busy little man all day. His legs cover many a mile. He took Karen’s shoe yesterday and I can’t find it anywhere. I guess that I will just have to wait until he goes and gets it again. He did that once last week, and the other day he brought it out of hiding again, and I grabbed it fast. I am also trying to solve the mystery of who put the white shoe polish into my beautiful blue bubble bath. I just bought it at Mrs. Dozier’s Stanley party and had only used it once.

Did you see or hear the fight last night? We listened to it on the radio. Pretty good, wasn’t it?

Did you finish painting the dining room yet? What color did you paint it? I’ll bet the living room looks nice. You will really be busy taking care of the baby. It will be nice though if she is a good baby? When Dale read your letter about Bobby Adams he said that it certainly made him feel old to think that Bobby was starting college already. It will be nice for you to have them there once in a while. What does he look like? Does he still dance?

The people who moved up here into the house that Janet lived in are from Rome New York. The fellow is an engineer of some kind at Boeings. He rides with the man Dale rides with.

Did I tell you that last week Mrs. Dozier and another lady came by and took me out to Janets one afternoon. Loretta and Mary came just as we were about to leave here so they told me to go on and they would stay here and watch Karen for me. So I did. Loretta and Mary both went to church with me Sunday. I don’t know if they are going with me this Sunday or not. Bruce bought Loretta a new portable Singer sewing machine with a button holer, and a new waffle iron last week-end. They also bought Helen Jo a beautiful 58 dollar crib and mattress. I hope they know what they are doing.

Incidentally, my job fizzled out. Last Wednesday Mary and Loretta both were layed off. They only worked 3 days. Mary says, “See, I knew I should have taken that bus with your mother.” She says that she is coming to see you when she gets home, and she probably will too. She wants me to get the paint for my kitchen so that she can help me paint. She says that she likes to do that.

Tomorrow night I have to baby sit with Harold, Jr. as his mother is going up and stay with her sister-in-laws children for the week-end. Harold Senior is on afternoons and won’t be home until 1 a.m. I am sure we will all be ready for the booby hatch when his dad gets home.

This week I have been sewing. I finally got around and finished Diane’s dress, and have another started for Cindy that I hope to finish this week end. Dale is reading those western pocket books that you sent last winter.

Today I washed, and then Margie came up and washed. Then I did some spice cupcakes with chocolate frosting. The day before yesterday Elyce and I picked some berries and had blackberry shortcake for supper. It was pretty good too. I must go on a diet, and put out some more slug bait. The baby slugs have been hatching out the last few days. My pink rose bush has 2 more big buds on it.

Did I tell you that Dales mother wrote the first of the week and said that they have a house to themselves 2 doors down from Jerry, and they Dales dad had bought all new furniture even to a stove and refrigerator. They have 2 bedrooms, bath, oil heat and a garage, living room, dining room and kitchen. She is so pleased about it. She said that Skip came home the day that they moved in and was so tickled with it and says to her, “It’s about time you had something nice.” Skip is being transferred to Key West Florida. He is going to have an operation on his thumb at the naval hospital in Norfolk first though. They are going to take a tendon out of his wrist and put it into his thumb. He is going to be on shore duty in Key West driving a Crash car.

How is daddy feeling? I’ll bet that he is busy raking leaves every day. Did you wear your new hat to Church yet? Well, I guess that I have told you all the news. No I haven’t had a pain since you left. I hope that they are gone for good. I haven’t had a chance to use the acidine. I would just as soon not have to use it though.

Lots of love,


P.S. What did Ruth have to say? How is George? What did she say about Shirley?

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