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Dear Mother and Daddy;

This is such a beautiful day here. I have some clothes out on the line, but I don’t think that they will dry. I here that it is about zero at home. Are you managing to keep warm? How does the car run this kind of weather? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? We did. Bruce and Loretta were here for dinner. We had Turkey, dressing, creamed onions, tossed salad, baked sweet potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, mince pie, gravy, whipped cream, and coffee.  I fixed it all except the salad and mince pie and whipped cream which Loretta brought. Of course it poured rain. In the evening we played cards, and then Lynne and Dave Strike and their kids came up and played too. She brought a cake up with her, so we had cake and coffee before they left. They went home about 10:30. I almost went to town to call you, but I got to thinking it was about 1:30 back there and you would surely be in bed.

Elyce’s jumper arrived last Monday. She is so tickled with it. I am going to get her a nylon blouse to wear with it. The kids are still eating on the candy you sent, so is Dale. Thanks a lot.

Last Wednesday night when I took Helen home, Loretta wanted to go to the store so I took her down to Safeway. We hadn’t had supper yet so I brought her back with me for supper, then she stayed until about 11 when I took her home. Did I tell you that she has a car, a 49 olds, but she doesn’t know how to drive.

Tuesday night was the P.T.A. meeting and I went with Laura Salter. There weren’t many there. There were about 3 men I guess. Monday night I went over to Laura’s for a while. Janet was over there. Her baby is walking now. She has been for about 6 weeks. She certainly look little walking around. She won’t be a year old until the end of January.

A week ago Sunday it was such a nice day that we went for a little ride while dinner was cooking. We went over to see the plane crash. They had the street all blocked off and there was a crowd there. One house was completely burned up, and the corner of another was wrecked, and there garage and brand new jeep completely destroyed. You could see for a block where the plane came in breaking off trees and utility poles. There was just the tail section sitting there and a lot of little scraps, and twisted metal. Afterwards we stopped by Mary Ann’s and George’s. George sold his packard, and something was wrong with the austin and he was working on that. He works odd hours and has different days off, so they don’t get anywhere much.

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, it was raining and Dave came up to see if Dale would help him haul some lumber from Tacoma. Dale got all wet and caught cold. Saturday, we took the kids up to Seattle to see Santa Claus. Such a crowd. After we got there Elyce decided that she didn’t want to see him, so she stayed in the toy department with Dale and I wandered around looking at all the toys and filling all the empty high chairs with dolls. The whole toy department was serve yourself, and they had those great big super market push carts. We weren’t buying anything so we put Mark and Karen in one and pushed them around. Mark liked the rocking horses, but soon became bored and went to sleep. Karen was interested in everything though. Every one stopped to admire Karen and Mark. Karen sits all alone in the play pen without being propped up at all. She is cute.

Sunday after Church we went out to Harold and Margies. She cooked dinner for us although she didn’t have anything even started when we arrived at about 3. We ate about 7. She said that she had been lazy. She always says that.

What has been going on around there? How much snow do you have? When is Norman going to get married? Is Arletta still in the hospital?

Dale hasn’t had much chance to watch T.V. on Saturdays, but he sure wears it out on evenings and Sundays. This past one was the first Saturday that he hasn’t worked since I don’t know when.

How are you and daddy feeling? Be careful on the icy sidewalks and pavements. That was nice of John to clean off your walks.

Lottie sent me a picture from the Ypsi press of Art and his deer and bear. He is quite a hunter.

Well, I guess that I will close for this time, and get the kids off to school. I started writing this two days ago. Maybe I will get it mailed today.

Lots of love,



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