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Dear Mother and Daddy,

It has been rather cold and windy here all day. I washed clothes and hung all the diapers and blankets outside and they froze and all got dry. The sun has been shining all day. It is a good thing that it did get cold as they are having bad floods down in Kent. The race track at Renton is completely under water. We went to Kent last night and across the bridge they just have one way traffic as they have a steam shovel on the bridge vainly trying to keep the logs and stuff from piling up against the middle pillar under the bridge. The valley looks like the ocean.

Are you managing to keep warm? I guess that it is pretty cold back there too. Did the cards get there on your birthday?

Our car isn’t running again. I told you that it wouldn’t start the night that I had my Stanley party. Well, it hasn’t ran since. Dale thinks that it might need a distributor cap or something. He is going to town tonight to get one. I hope that will fix it.

The kids are all in the living room watching T.V., except for Helen Jo, and Mark who are asleep. I just finished feeding Karen, and must soon start supper. We are going to have acorn squash stuffed with hamburger and onions. It is good. I made some oatmeal cookies this afternoon, and yesterday an applesauce cake.

It is only 12 more days until Christmas, and I haven’t done any shopping yet. I don’t know when I will do it. We received a big box from Dales folks last week, and a Christmas card from Matt and Maxine yesterday.

I have been busy in my spare time trying to fix something for Elyce to wear. Everything that she owns except for her jumper is too short for her. I have hems to put in everything Cindy has outgrown and take them in at the shoulders.

Did I tell you that a week ago Saturday all of us went to the Boeing Circus. It was good. We got an early start this time and even had time to get lost. We finally found our way just by following the cars full of children. We got there in time to get a place on the main floor and it wasn’t raining for a change. After the circus they give big stockings full of candy and this year each one had a yo-yo in. We came home with 5 so we are well supplied with candy and yo-yo’s.

Did Velma ever find her treasure? What color did she paint her room?

I went to Church Sunday, did you? I went to the 9:30 one with the kids. Next Sunday is the Christmas program for the kids.

I see by the picture you sent that Ypsi has some new Christmas decorations. They seem awfully high up. I guess that is because of the lack of things hanging down.

Did you have any company on your birthday? I hope so. You certainly had a good dinner on Winnie’s birthday. Did she buy the house or is she just taking care of it for the owners? Marie must be smaller than Betty now, isn’t she?

Loretta pays me 7.50 a week every 2 weeks. I have to buy gas for our car out of that to take Helen home every night. I told Dale that I was going to ask for more because Bruce brings her just any time, and sometimes on Saturdays, but Dale says I shouldn’t because they are friends, and I suppose he is right. Bruce always helps when something goes wrong with our car or something. Right now we are driving Loretta’s car. It eats oil. Or rather, it loses it out the bottom.

Well, I have told you all the news. I must close and get supper started. Helen is awake anyway and she likes to be in the center of things when she is awake. I will have to get her up. Oh, yes, my iron came back that I took in over a month ago to have fixed. It cost 6.50 to have it fixed. I guess that about everything was the matter with it. It looks like new now.

How is Daddy? How is the car running? How are you?

Love, Patricia


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