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Two weekends ago, I finally made it back to Spokane to visit my family. While there, we met with Rory Vinson and his wife, Victoria. Rory grew up in the house that once belonged to my great grandmother, and had previously sent photos of some of the items he had found in the house while growing up.

103_0352The house on Miles St.

During the visit, Rory brought quite a few items from the house, including a collection of old postcards, a couple of textbooks, an 1856 penny, a pocket Farmer’s Almanac, and a little coal oil lamp once used to light someone’s way to bed at night. Below is a gallery of a few of those items. Click any picture for a larger view.



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My Dearest Daddy,

Well my time here is getting pretty short. Only two more days, and I will be almost home when you get this.

How are you to-day? The sun is bright first thing this morning and its supposed to go to 80 or 85. It’s been really hot in Calif. Yesterday it was 112 in Los Angeles.

Patricia made biscuits for supper last night, they were big, high up ones, and were they good. She started making the girls dresses yesterday.

We are going down and look at the lake to-day. I’ve only been down there once and it was at night so couldn’t see much. Elyce is always telling me when I’m out in the back yard, be careful Grandmother don’t go too far you will fall in the lake. ha! ha!

Mark is beginning to talk and after he gets in bed he calls “Dale.” He sure is cute. Patricia says he looks like you. Hazel said he does too.

Mary Ann, George and their children and Loretta, and her neighbor Marjorie and Harold are coming tomorrow (Sat.) for a fish-fry. Sun. we are going to church then come home and have dinner, then get ready to go to the station. Be careful honey and don’t try to do too much. I’ll get things all taken care of when I get home. So until Wed. Bye Bye honey. I should get in about 9 Wed. eve. Maybe a little earlier.

Lots and lots of love,

Always your


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My Dearest Daddy,

I received your nice letter this morning and was glad to hear from you. How are you? Is everything OK? Only a few more days and I will be home.

Yesterday Diane, Cindy and I picked some black berries, great big ones, I guess they were thimble berries, right at the corner of Patricia’s drive way there are bushels of them, they are just starting to ripen but oh! the stickers. To-day Patricia made a pie of them and was it good.

I mailed a box when Dale came home last night, so it should be there Tues. if not before.

Patricia’s friend came over this afternoon, then one of her neighbors came and invited us to a Stanley party. Patricia and Loretta went, but I didn’t, I stayed with the children, they haven’t got home yet.

It’s been real cloudy to-day. Patricia washed, but the clothes didn’t dry.

Sat. her friends are all coming over and they are going to have a fish fry. Sun. we are going to church.

I guess Norman will be gone when I get home. Tell him I’ll be thinking about him and be sure and come by when he comes home on a week end.

Are there lots of tomatoes? I hope so, so I can put some in cans. Velma told me before I came they were going to a cottage. Didn’t Winnie come out and wash your things? I don’t know what’s wrong with her.

Well honey guess I’ll close for this time. I’ll have Patricia call you on her way home Sun. The bus leaves at 10 PM so I’ll get in Wed. evening.

Has Ethel and Delia been out? They will probably be out Mon. I’ll write tomorrow. Be careful honey. I’ll soon be home. That was nice of Mrs. Brose having you over for dinner. I don’t konw how I’m going to repay all these people. I’ll soon be home honey, so Nite, Nite, for now. Lots and lots of love.

Always your


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My Dearest Daddy,

I didn’t write last night it was 10:30 when Patricia and I got home from Seattle. We drove up instead of taking the bus. Dale was late getting home and we thought we could make better time to drive.

We had baked salmon for dinner last night and it sure was delicious.

Hazel and Berleigh got here yesterday (Mon.) morning about nine o’clock. They didn’t stay long, they had breakfast with us and looked around and took some pictures then they went on. They left about 12:30. They have a new Olds 88 red and ivory, it’s pretty if it was a different color. She said they left home Thurs. from here they were going to Oregon to spend a week then stop in Wyoming for a few days. Berleigh only has three weeks.

Honey how are you? Is everything all right? I didn’t get a letter yet this week, maybe to-morrow. I’ll be leaving Sun. so will soon be home. Yesterday it was really warm, 86. And to-day we have a fire in the fireplace.

Honey I put some thing in a box so my suit case won’t be so heavy. I’m going to take it to the post office as soon as Dale gets home.

I’m putting in a couple of rose petals, they will probably be dried and shriveled up some, but I thought you could get an idea of the size of them. They sure are beautiful.

It’s almost time for Dale to come so I better close and get ready to go to the post office. Be careful honey, take care of yourself and don’t try to do too much.

Lots and lots of love.

Always Your



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My Dearest Daddy,

How are you tonight? We are all fine and had a wonderful day. Patricia’s friends Mary Ann and George came over this morning at 8:30 and we all went up to Deception Pass, 104 miles from Patricia’s. We crossed the Sound on the ferry and then drove some more. It was a beautiful drive. Not so high up as Mt. Rainier. We could see Mt. Baker all covered with snow.

There was the biggest picnic tables there, made out of boards cut from those big trees. And seats around in the park made out of hallowed out logs. We had the stove going and the table set, all ready to eat and it was so cold we moved inside. There was a building there with a huge coal stove in one end and a fireplace at the other end and 8 big picnic tables in it, and 2 sinks and drain boards to wash the dishes, hot and cold running water. We left there about six and came over Deception Pass bridge, it’s about 3 or 400 feet above the water. We stopped, got out and walked on the bridge and watched the boats. They looked like toys.

It was 10:30 when we got home. Patricia drove their car and Dale rode in George’s car, they have a little Austin. The kids sure didn’t waste any time getting to bed and asleep when we got home.

Well honey this time next Sun. I will be on my way home. I leave at 10 PM so I should get home Wed. eve.

Patricia is going up to Seattle tomorrow night (Mon.) to get some material for dresses for the girls for school. We are going to take the bus.

Honey you said in your last letter you used the last of that paper. I think there is some more there where you got that, at the end of the book case.

Is your medicine holding out all right? And do you put the little patch on your knee?

Well honey I think I will close for tonight, and go to bed. Patricia and Dale are already in, and I feel like I sure can sleep. Boy the traffic was something coming back. Tail lights as far as you could see, for miles. Be careful honey. Take care of yourself and go to bed and get your rest. Don’t bother trying to clean the house, it can’t be too bad, and I’ll soon be home. Nite, Nite for this time Daddy and lots and lots of love.

Always Your


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My Dearest Daddy,

I received two letters to-day and was so glad to hear from you.  I’m glad everyone received their letters.  I didn’t forget Norman, beside the letter I sent him a folder.  And I don’t know why Mrs. C. thought she should have a letter.

I didn’t write Thurs. night, we had company for dinner and yesterday we went to town as soon as Dale got home.  Patricia had to get her groceries, she went to Kent then over to Renton to get some salmon.  She got a whole one it weighed about 6 lbs.  She bakes it and makes a barbecue sauce for it and was it good.  If Dale doesn’t have to work tomorrow (Sun.) they and their friends are planning to go on a picnic.  Elyce says we are going on a “picky.”

This is another nice day, but does it ever get cold at night.  Dale had a fire when we got home.

Will Norman be gone when I get home?

Honey don’t try to do a lot in the house.  I’ll get every thing taken care of when I get home.  It can’t be too bad any way.

Velma sure has been nice.  I’ll have dinner for them when I get home.

We haven’t heard or seen anything of Hazel yet.  I think they would have a time finding this place.

I’ll have a lot of pictures to bring home that we have taken.  We’ve got 2 more huge roses to cut to-day.  Pink ones.

Patricia is washing the girls hair this afternoon.  This morning she washed clothes and before I got up she made a cake and cookies.

Honey would you think me funny if I didn’t leave until Sun.  The bus leaves at 10 PM and I will get in Ypsi Wed. night about 8:30 or 9.  You can call the station and see what time the bus gets in.

Well honey I’ll close for this time.  I’ll write tomorrow.  I wish you could see the  meat market here.  There are 4 clerks and last night the place was filled up and those clerks were almost running.  They have the best sausage and hamburg sausage – 3 lbs. for a dollar and 4 lbs of hamburg for $1.00.  I wish you could see Mark. Is he cute, he runs all over and always has a stone in his hand.  Patricia found one in his bed to-day.

Patricia is going for bread so I’ll go along and mail this.  Take care of yourself honey.  I’ll soon be home grabbing and snatching again.  Lots and lots of love Daddy.

Always Your


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My Dearest Daddy,

Your letter came this morning and I was glad to hear from you.  I sure hope the hot weather will be gone when I get home.  Doesn’t seem like it could last much longer.  It’s been real cool here to-day, had a fire all morning.  It was real cloudy to-night.

What’s getting wrong with the dog that he is so cross?

Honey don’t try to do a lot of washing, if you can wash out your underwear and things you have to have, I’ll be home and get things straightened out.

I fixed a dress for Patricia to-day, just straightened it around the bottom.  It didn’t hang even.

I’m going up this week and find out about the bus.  I’m hoping I can leave so I can see the part I missed coming out.

I don’t know any news to-night.  We were home all day, but Patricia and I did go to the store after supper she had to get  some baby food.  All the stores close at six but this one super market and several beer gardens.  Dale says if you buy liquor you have to buy a card first it costs a dollar, and the only place you can buy it is from a liquor store.

I wrote to Norma last week and sent him a folder of scenes (?). He won’t be gone before I get home will he?

Well honey I’ll close for this time.  Take care of yourself and eat enough.  How is the cereal, coffee and bacon and juice holding out? There is more juice in the cupboard in the basement.  Did you cook any of the meat in the freezer?  I’l soon be home now.  Elyce says this morning, are you going home Grand Mother?  I said “yes,” won’t be long now, She says Oh No!

For this time then, Nite Nite and Sweet dreams.  Be careful honey and take care of yourself.  Don’t try to do any thing when its so hot.  Lots and lots of love Daddy.

Always Your


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