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More Treasures

Rory, the kind fellow who has been sharing artifacts from what was the Aray/Day family home in Ypsilanti, has sent along some new items:



“Dear Mama, I am having one more grand time. (??) Johnson is home this week so her mother took us to a chicken supper at the church.  She brought a girl from Ohio with her.  I am going over to Lilly’s this morning. Alice.”



This textbook belonged to Arinda, who died at the age of thirteen sometime in the mid-1800s (I’ll check on the details later, I just wanted to post these before my painting class)



I don’t know who the penny belonged to, but how cool!


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A Lileksian Trove

By happy coincidence, my mother, while researching our family, came across a post written at a genealogy website from someone looking for the family of Lillian Bradley. It turns out that this gentleman’s family bought Grandma Bradley’s house after Grandpa Bradley died, and she moved into a house two doors down. The house seems to have originally belonged to the Day family, from the mid- 1800s. Apparently, there were many artifacts left behind, ranging from Civil War antiques (donated to the Ypsilanti Museum) to Grandma Bradley’s grand piano (which was too big to fit out the door – apparently there had been some renovations since it was first moved in; it may still be there for all I know), to old postcards, such as the following:



to Mrs. H. T. Day, —- Miles St., Ypsilanti, Mich.

“Dear Aunt Ida, I have been unusaly busy this Easter but will write you soon now. I have been getting home about 9:30 or 10 every eve. Love to all


tell Aunt C.S. to write me.”

(I’ve obscured the address, as the house is still there and belongs to someone else now; it is not my intention to invade the privacy of anyone still living.)

It turns out that this kind person lives fairly close to where my mother lives, of all places.

It is truly amazing these days what you can find if only you start looking!

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