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My Dearest Daddy,

How are you to-night honey?  I didn’t write last night.  Patricia’s neighbor came up and stayed until 11:30.  After she left I went to bed.  The children go to bed early and wake up at the crack of dawn.  It sure was cold here last night, went down to 48.  It was nice to-day.  Dale took George’s car home then they all decided to go on a picnic.  We went to Point Defiance, about 20 mi. from Patricia’s, we went through Tacoma.  That is a nice big city.  It was a beautiful drive over there.  It was quite cold at the park, it is right on the Sound.  We went through the aquarium and the zoo.  For lunch we had hot dogs, beans, salad, cake and coffee.  They had big stoves and big piles of wood to use in them to cook on.

Tomorrow we are going to Mt. Rainier.  Their friends Mary and George are going to.  George reminds me of Guy.  He even looks like him.  They are all nice and just like I had always known them.

Patricia’s other friends who were away Loretta and Bruce just got back to-day.  Patricia and Dale just went over to see them.  I was kinda tired, we walked a good ways to-day at the park and it’s in the Mts. so it was climbing but it was beautiful.  I wish you could see the flowers.  I wanted to write you, get my bath and go to bed.  They said they were going to leave about 9 in the morning.

Honey how are you getting along?  Are you feeling all right?  And eating all right?  We had sausage for breakfast this morning.  Tomorrow we are going to have a fish fry.  We are taking 4 of those big bass that Patricia’s neighbor gave her, and are they good.  I bet I’m taking on some pounds.

Well honey, I’ll close for this time.  I’ll write tomorrow and tell you about Mt. Rainier. We could only see it faintly to-day, there were some clouds.

Write soon and let me know how you are.  I thought I would get a letter to-day.  Be careful honey and take care of yourself.  Lots and lots of love Sweet heart.  God Bless you My Dear.  Always Your


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 Elyce, Cindy, Mark and Diane

Dear Mother and Daddy,

The swing and slide arrived Friday, and the box Monday. Thanks a lot. The kids have been having a picnic. The dresses are just fine for Karen. She wore the white one yesterday, and the pink one today. Thank you for the pretty booties and gowns too, and the blankets. As usual, Dale was out of cigarettes and he was happy with the carton you sent, the material is nice too, as was the cartoon and the books.

How did you get the booties made so fast?

It is cold here, and has been all week. We had our summer last week for 3 days. Such heat.

Last night Loretta was up with the baby. The first time we have seen her since Memorial Day. She has lost all the weight she had gained. She doesn’t eat, and is so thin. Her baby is nice and fat though. She has to sit and hold it all the time though, even when it is asleep because as soon as she puts it down it starts to cry. She brought her drapes up and sewed them up. I sewed on some pedal pushers for the kids. I am making them out of those denim stron dresses that you sent, that Winnie got from the hospital. There is just enough in one for a pair.

Oh yes. Those pants you sent Mark just fit him. I was just saying to Dale the other day that I wshed he had some of those. I couldn’t find any in Kent. In fact I couldn’t even find a pattern to make him some.

Margy Neilson comes up almost every day. She is the woman who lives down in back. Monday night Janette Reese came up to see the baby and brought her 2 sittle(?) shirts, so I have had my share of company this week.

I don’t take the car alone at all. You should see our roses. Are they ever pretty. Are yours in bloom yet? I have been cutting them this year, and have all my vases full. Ask daddy to tell me how to root them, will you? I meant to ask him in the note that I wrote him, but forgot.

Glad that you like the picture of karen. What did daddy say about it? She looks a lot different than Mark’s baby picture, doesn’t she?

She will be 5 weeks old tomorrow, and I intend to start her on baby food. She is on pablum now. She slept last night from 10 until around 7 this morning.

You certainly had a nice recital, and reeived such nice gifts. What are you going to get with the money they gave you? I was looking at the programs you sent. You had 35. Some of the names that I recognized must be good sized children now.

Does daddy have the puppy yet? What will he name it?

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Last Wednesday, our first hot day, Cindy came home from school with her sweater on just perspiring so, and she was all broken out with something that I thought was heat rash. By night time it hadn’t gone away so I decided that she must have measles, and by Thursday morning there was no doubt about it. She had 3 day measles and had to miss the last 2 days of school. She was so disappointed. She wasn’t sick at all, and I had a hard time keeping her in bed. Friday it was all gone, but I didn’t let her go. The busbroke down right in front of our house Thursday mornin, and it was 10 o’clock before another one came to their rescue. Cindy watched all from the window, and Diane told her all about riding on the brand new bus when she got home that night. next year the kids will be going to Steel Lake school. It is a smaller one in Federal Way district. They are sending all the children on this side of highway 99 up to grade 6 there this fall.

I’ll bet that you enjoy riding in Norman’s car. It must be like floating. What does daddy think of it? I guess that you won’t be having any strikes around there this year will you? That is good.

Dale has been working the last 2 Saturdays for a change. He thinks they will get in a lot of overtime now. I hope so, for a while.

Well, I guess that I had better close now and get Dales dinner. We are having Stew. It won’t be long now until you will be coming out. I can hardly wait. I wish that daddy would go and get his leg fitted properly so that it wouldn’t hurt him. Do you think that you will arrive out here on the first day of August?

Lots of love,


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